Can be any style of film, e.g. travelogue, documentary, cut to music, but it must have been shot on holiday. (members votes only)

Holiday Competition 2017-18

Competition was held on February 6th 2018

This Holiday

The film maker says there is a 6 second black at the start and then sounds fade followed by the picture.

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Holiday Competition 2016-17

Competition was held on January 24th 2017

River Lady

The tale of a cruise to celebrate a Golden Wedding that turned out not to be what was signed up for.  It was filmed in September 2016 on the Danube and once I had settled on a commentary idea the editing fell into place quite smoothly.  No special effects were used though I did do some rostrum work on the stills and on the captions.  The sound track is 95% natural sound with added appropriate music and some use of SFX in my collection.

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Holiday Competition 2015-16

Competition was held on January 19th 2016

Pine Walks, Piety & Pandora

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