Any subject of the film maker’s choice. The competition may also be used for experimental productions, i.e. for a film not necessarily fitting into any of the other competitions. (members votes only)

Open Competition 2017-18

How Hill

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Open Competition 2016-17


Carols A & M

This was made as a promotion for a new book of Christmas Carols to be pubished this year.  It was shot in the chapel of Winchester School with a professional group of singers and designed to go on the publishers web site.  The sound was recorded using a crossed stereo pair of Sennheiser elliptical profile mics into an Edirol R44 field recorder.  The filming was done on a warm day in May.

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Open Competition 2015-16

The Stour Valley Painters

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Open Competition 2014-15

Colchester during the Great War 1914-18

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