SchoolVisitHeathlands School, West BergholtFollowing an approach from Heathlands School, via the club's web site, members Lionel Bloomfield and Peter Noakes visited the school in West Bergholt to provide film making advice to Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

In each of the four classes pupils had organised themselves into small production teams to plan two minute films.  The theme could be a documentary, a news report of a natural disaster or an historical drama. The deadline is the end of November.

Lionel and Peter discussed the importance of planning, including scripting and storyboarding, before discussing and demonstrating production techniques, including the use of a green screen. 

The duo provided a list of top tips which they hoped will help the young film makers with their projects and used club films -  Neighbourhood Witch and Silent Vigil - to illustrate their talk. 

Lionel and Peter have been invited back to the school to help judge the resulting 25 films so that "Oscars" can be awarded in front of parents on November 30.  Other club members are welcome to join them.  PN

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