GivernyStill from "Monet's Giverny" by John GroslinThe race to become CFMC’s Film Maker of the Year continues to gather pace as the second half of the season gets firmly underway, writes Paul Desmond.

With one name very much in the frame, we will have to wait, however, until the End of Season Showcase on May 16 to discover the actual winner.

The club’s 57th season got off to a flying start for Andy Merz. He entered three films in the Open – Crying Children: Rubbish Clown; Married Bliss; and Saint – to give him a commanding lead of 18 points.

The actual winner of the competition was, however, Carols A & M by John Howden (10 points). Second was John Jones with Christmas in a Flash; and third John Groslin Summer Swarm ll.

Andy retained his impressive lead in the Five Minute competition coming second with TBPiS. But again the winning entry was from John Howden, Cathedrals, Castles and a Desert. Third was Mike Saucede with Suffolk.

The documentary competition saw neither Andy nor John competing. John Groslin took first place with Monet’s Giverny; second was Geoff Ingham with Robben Island and third Maurice Newbolt with Neuengamme Concentration Camp.

Later this month, the club holds the Holiday competition, followed by the Ray Jennings Challenge Trophy on February 28 and the Chairman’s Cup on March 28.

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