5M14-TeaA light-hearted look at a Tea Dance held in London's Spitalfields Market by Bryan Littlewood won first place in the club's Five Minute competition (October 21 2014).  Runner-up was Our Destiny and third, Frustration, both by Brian Salmons.

The "Sorry!" filmakersColchester Film Makers Club was the overall winner of the East Anglian Film Competition, winning both the 15 minute programme and Best Film trophies.(4 October 2014)

The host club’s winning entries were "Sorry", a drama about a failed murder; "Capability", a delightful cameo of autumn in a stately garden; and "Albedo", an enlightening film about the importance of reflections.

The EAFC Best Film trophy was awarded to “Sorry”, a club project, which was directed and edited by Peter Noakes with John Jones on camera. (Pictured are the film crew and cast).

The annual competition is between Colchester, Cromwell Video Camera Club of Cambridgeshire and Lowestoft Movie Makers.

A nostalgic look at everyday life in the garrison town of Colchester during World War One proved a winning theme for Bernard Polley’s entry in the Open. (23 September 2014)

The competition, the first of the 2014/15 season, attracted six entries but Barnard’s distinctive film making style and painstaking research attracted 168 marks, eight ahead of runner up John Howden with “If”. Third was Bryan Littlewood with “Sea Rescue Station 17, Hermanus”.

CF14-SilentVigilCFMC cameras were on hand to record the town’s silent tribute to the fallen of World War 1 on August 5 2014.

Scores of people gathered at the war memorial, outside Castle Park, at 7pm for a silent vigil to mark the centenary of the start of hostilities that were to cost so many lives – more than 1,000 from Colchester alone.

Included among those present were the town’s MP, Sir Bob Russell; the Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell; the new Bishop of Colchester, Roger Morris; and the garrison commander, Colonel Gary Wilkinson OBE.

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