Enchanting AdventureAn enchanting story of a young brother and sister’s search for their missing cat caught the imagination and support of the three independent judges of the Chairman’s Cup, voting “Finding Rockzy” best film in the six-sided competition.

Film maker Bijunu Padincharayil shot the seven minute movie during a brief visit home to Kerala, India in December after persuading his nephew and niece Ashwin and Aiswarya to take on the starring roles.  Rockzy is the family pet.

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RayJenningsThe winner of this season’s edit to music competition, the Ray Jennings Challenge Trophy, was Mike Saucede with his three and a half minute sea trip movie “Copenhagen to Bremen”. In second place was Bryan Littlewood with “Rio” and in third place was Mike Saucede with “Blackwater Sailing”.

The competition was judged by John Jones and John Howden. Members also got the opportunity to vote separately and their result was: first, Peter Noakes with “Olympics”; second, Bryan Littlewood with “Rio” and third, Mike Saucede with “Copenhagen to Bremen”.

Members of the host team share a light hearted moment with colleague Brian PearceMembers of the host team share a light hearted moment with colleague Brian Pearce (right) who sadly passed away two days after the competition. Brian, a former chairman of the club, will be remembered with great affection.

CFMC has won through to the semi-finals in the runners up category of the IAC 4X4 competition.

The club hosted the qualifying round B of the newly renamed competition, formerly the IAC Triangle competition, on 15 March. Also taking part were Mid Suffolk Video & Camera Club, Potters Bar Film Makers, and Wanstead and Woodford Movie Makers.

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LightingTutorialClub member Steve Allen (pictured right) brought his considerable experience as a professional video producer, while living and working in Australia, to illustrate his practical demonstration on effective use of lighting – he also brought along a borrowed mannequin’s head as his “subject”.

Mike Saucede writes:
“We now understand that we must start with the key lamp at about 45 degrees to the vertical and the camera to subject axis; add a 'fill' light, at about a 1/2 to a 1/3 as bright, to soften the harsh shadow around the nose; and then add the 'back fill' to enhance the hairline.

To add another dimension to the exercise, use a green screen but this needs to be lit separately, requiring a space between the screen and the subject to allow the lamp to be placed out of shot.

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