Harry Potter picFilm maker John “JJ” Jones has won the Open competition with his fascinating filmic account of a tour of the Harry Potter museum. John writes:

Laura, my step daughter, bought me the Warner Bros tour as a Christmas present but, as we are both HP nuts, she included herself in the present!

So, one very cold January morning, we both set off to Watford Junction, there to board the special HP bus to take us to the studios – along with what seemed about a million other fans!

The site is massive but, as you would expect, it is brilliantly organised so that you enter the tour at a specific time and then spend as long as you like wandering around.

As we are all fans, the sets, props and displays are all consuming but for non-fans the wealth of detail regarding modern film-making in general is astounding: well worth the visit for that alone.

For me, the large scale model of Hogwarts School is simply breathtaking, and you could spend most of you time just wandering around that. It would seen that another visit would need to be on the cards to take in even more of the detail.

My Open competition film was shot on a little Panasonic hand held camera – capable of 4k but only shot in FHD. However, the low light capability was such that the end result looked pretty amazing.

I used the opportunity of editing the project on the even newer DaVinci Resolve NLE program by Blackmagic Design.

As a free but modern piece of software, it was great fun getting to grips with how to get the best from it, and it didn’t disappoint!

I decided during the edit that to make the film more entertaining, that both Laura and I would speak alternate parts of the narration. This made for interest both for the viewer and the participants – you never know, Laura may well become a future David Yates or Quentin Tarantino.

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