How much is membership?

Annual membership fees for the current season are as follows:

Young Member: £14.00 (defined as 25 and under  at the time of joining/renewal)
Adult: £28
Adult Couples (joint): £42

In addition, attendance at weekly meetings is charged at £3 per person on the night to cover the cost of refreshments and hire of the hall.

What is the minimum age of membership?

Young Members – Over 14 years and under 26 years.
Adult – 26 years and above.

How often do we meet?

We meet weekly between September & May on Tuesday evenings. There is a break in December for Christmas and in the summer between June and August.

When do we meet?

Tuesday evenings.
Start: 7:45pm for 8:00pm
Close: 10pm

What do I get?

That depends on how much you are prepared to put in!

On club nights we host a range of events that include:

  • Monthly Film Competitions in a range of categories + written & verbal feedback for improvement from external judges & members
  • Technical evenings.
  • Social events.
  • Film making projects.
  • Members ‘Bring a Film’ evenings.

In addition our membership includes people with extensive professional and amateur experience in audio, radio, film and video making. Members frequently use club nights to exchange ideas, tips, tricks, techniques and equipment news.

Outside of club nights we are actively involved in making local interest films for other clubs & societies, or just to record significant social history events. These will usually be submitted to the East Anglian Film Archive and shown at the club as well as outside screenings. Recent films include:

  • Mayor of Colchester’s Oyster Feast.
  • Refurbishment of Colchester Castle.
  • Avatar Lectures at First Site.
  • Colchester Scout & Guides Gang Show.
  • Annual Blackwater Sailing Barge Match & Smack Race

During the summer we usually arrange a club summer outing. Previous locations include:

  • Wings & Wheels - The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden Airfield.
  • Bressingham Steam & Gardens.

We also hold a club summer barbecue. So as you can see there are plenty of opportunities to talk film and video making, or just socialise with like-minded people.

What equipment do I need?

For membership - Absolutely none!

However, for film making a video camera of some sort would be something of a necessity, although this need not be a highly complicated or expensive piece of equipment. One of our most successful members ‘bring-a -film’ evenings has been where each film was to have been shot on a smart phone, tablet, handicam, or similar.

For editing, a computer capable of running an editing programme is required. There are a number of programmes aimed at various levels of experience. Normally there are trial versions available on-line and this is a good way to learn how each works, its capabilities and compatibility with your own equipment.

Alternatively you could try to convince another member to work with you to do the edit !

What resources are available to members?

Facilities available for loan to members’ varies. Currently the club has a green screen, projection and sound equipment including a 6-channel audio mixer, radio microphones and microphone stands. Members often pool their own resources as a group to make personal films and members generously bring in their own equipment for others to try out at club group events. For example when the club filmed a live band we had brought in:

  • 4 Video cameras
  • A full lighting rig and studio backdrop
  • A multi-channel sound mixing and recording desk
  • Multiple microphones.
  • A 3-channel live video mixing desk.
  • A band (obviously!)

Members who brought in equipment very generously shared it and knowledge of its use with the others who wanted to take part. Some just wanted to do their own filming (filming of the filming) and some just wanted to watch – and that’s perfectly fine as well.

But above all, we have plenty of expertise, experience, and help on hand ready to share.