Any subject of the film maker’s choice. The competition may also be used for experimental productions, i.e. for a film not necessarily fitting into any of the other competitions. (members votes only)

Five Minute

Each season a new theme is chosen by the committee/chairman. Running time must not exceed five minutes. (members votes only)


Entrants are requested to submit a film with a specific viewpoint on any subject. The film must be informative and show signs of research by the filmmaker. (members votes and external judges)


Can be any style of film, e.g. travelogue, documentary, cut to music, but it must have been shot on holiday. (members votes only))

Ray Jennings Challenge Trophy

This is an editing competition based on a set theme where competitors are supplied with the same footage and asked to solve various editing challenges. (specially appointed judges)

Chairman’s Cup

The competition is open to any member who has not won a competition by judges’ or members’ vote during the season. (members votes and external judges)

Film of the Year

In this competition, all the winning films during the season by external judges or members votes will be entered and external judges will determine theoverall winner. (external judges only)

The running time of any film entered in any competition must not exceed 15 minutes.