In this competition, all the winning films during the season as determined by external judges or members votes will be entered,  and external judges will determine the overall winner. (external judges only)

Film of the Year

Ref Poster Title Photo Film Maker Season
EXT 150 Suffolk Heritage Coast Bernard Polley 1998-99
DVD 004 Classical Countryside Robert Mitchell 1997-98
DVD 012 Colchester Zoo Robert Mitchell 1996
EXT 003 A Song of Colchester Bill Ray 1995
EXT 186 Scafell John Jones 1994
EXT 271 Bruff's Baby Bernard Polley 1994
EXT 251 Mickey and Company John Jones 1993
EXT 270 Felixstowe Ferry, Port and In Between Bernard Polley 1993
EXT 212 By the Dome It's Known Philip Allen 1992
EXT 211 Action Stations Bernard Polley 1991
EXT 231 The Custodians John Jones 1989
EXT 209 A Look at Yesterday Betty Colley 1989
EXT 180 Harrison Stickle John Jones 1987
EXT 268 Discovering a Yorkshire Legend Betty Colley 1985
ISO 003 Zero 2 Maggie Jones 1984
EXT 267 For Better, for Worse Bernard Poole 1983
ISO 011 Colchester Tramways Bernard Polley 1982
EXT 266 The Shed Frank Grimwood 1981
EXT 203 Soldiers Frank Grimwood 1980
EXT 265 The Calling Dorothy Bell & Jenny Noon 1979

Film of the Year 2013-14

The competition was held on 8th April 2014 at the Headgate Theatre in Colchester. 

Film of the Year 2012-13