CFMC is taking its meetings online using a combination of Zoom meetings, YouTube Live streams and Vimeo playlists to screen our competitions.

Although we have traditionally met at The Hythe Community Centre, for the upcoming season until December, we will be hosting virtual meetings and adapting the ways in which we can continue our passion for filmmaking whilst keeping all members safe.

This presents us with new challenges and members learning some new technologies, but we are optimistic that these changes will still stimulate creativity and sustain our filmmaking community during such uncertain times.

So from us all at CFMC Keep Calm and Carry on Filmmaking.

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IMG 2786 cropIn the second of our two workshop sessions designed to help members to improve their capture and post processing of audio for their films Barrie illustrated how the audio processing elements of Da Vinci Resolve can be used to balance and improve the audio captured last week from the two lavalier microphones and the boom microphone. Barrie compared the results of using Resolve with using Audition with which he was more familiar. Resolve was able to achieve very acceptable results and a number of members indicated that they will investigate using Resolve.

Barrie mentioned that there are dozens of YouTube tutorials on audio capture and processing but some are better than others!  Curtis Judd has a good channel, with a good number of videos on various aspects of recording and post production, as well as equipment reviews. Davinci also have a good few on various aspects of using Resolve. If you want some tips on Resolve and it’s clever bits there is a YouTuber called JayAreTv who is worth a look; for editing generally and effects rather than audio.

A word of caution offered by Barrie!  Recordings made on camera, will invariably be in a compressed codec (in the, ‘information lost’ sense) thus processing can quickly degenerate the recording further in the same way that compressed video codecs can suffer. The audio equivalent of lossless is generally a ‘wav’ file sometimes called linear PCM and is the format to use when using separate recorders. In any event, only do the minimum processing necessary, it’s easy to overdo it.

Barrie summarised in an email to members the order that he basically uses to post process his audio but in practice he felt that it was important to ensure that the audio capture is the best possible so that the necessity for post processing is reduced.

It was a very useful evening but it generated even more questions which we hope will be answered in the coming weeks!

GibbardB                       Barrie GibbardOn 15th March Chairman Barrie Gibbard has stopped all CFMC meetings for the foreseeable future. In his message to members he says

"Hi All,

Well, circumstances are evolving daily and now our esteemed government are preparing for all over 70’s to self isolate for a number of months ‘in the coming weeks’. 
Taking a number of factors into account I have come to the conclusion that it’s a matter of when,  not if, it will be uneconomic and/or unwise to continue holding weekly club meetings. So, considering the risk v benefit of carrying on with club Please be advised that we are cancelling club meetings for the foreseeable future as of immediately. I accept there’s a risk that I might be criticised for acting too soon on this, however, on balance I’d rather that, than be criticised for acting too late!
Along with the weekly meetings I am also going to suggest we cancel now the FirstSite show. The prognosis for the next 3 or 4 months is grim and, being blunt, most folks will have more important matters to think about without bothering with all that’s involved in organising, running and attending that event. unfortunately, we have a already paid for the venue hire and it’s unlikely we will be able to get this refunded although we shall certainly try.
We are thinking about ways in which we might continue in some vein via online or streaming methods and I will keep you posted on this. Any suggestions on ways in which we can do this will be gratefully received.
I’m really sorry to be the bearer of such drastic measures, but I hope you all appreciate this is done with the best interests of all our members and their families in mind. Please do all try to stay in touch with one another and keep an eye out for further news on club matters.
Best wishes and stay safe all



Et tu, Boris?



Photo 1At our meeting on 18th February 2020 our Chairman Barrie Gibbard passed on his experience of attaching and hiding a Lavalier microphone when capturing audio on a film shoot. We attached Lavalier microphones to two members in an interview situation. The interview was filmed by members and recorded on a Zoom F8 digital recorder using the two Lavalier microphones as well as a boom microphone as a backup and which also may be used to provide a source of ambient background. At our next meeting on 25th February Barrie will demonstrate how to adjust and mix the audio recordings he captured in post production so as to produce a film with the best audio.

Barrie introduced and demonstrated the idea of a "Moleskin Sandwich" and its use with "HBG Tape" and "3M Transpore Tape" which are all available from Amazon (see details below).