HC17 ThisHolidayFilm maker Henryk Jachimczyk (aka Hen-the-Pen) has won the Holiday competition with an amusing movie entitled, appropriately, “THIS Holiday”.

Second was John Howden with “Zackley Norfolk”, and in third place was John Jones (aka JJ) with “Gente”.

Hen writes: “It was my idea to create a personal film documenting the experiences/adventures of my wife Jo, myself and fellow traveller Sue, rather than a factual documentary of the places we visited on Zakynthos.

“In other travel films the film-maker is noticeably absent from the holiday, hidden behind the lens and recording spectacular landscapes that their lonely partner would walk through. I felt it gave the impression the couple had just had a massive row!

“So the addition of Sue on this holiday meant my wife would have someone by her side. And Sue could take photos with Jo’s stills camera, therefore, I was occasionally in the picture.

“I did set up my Panasonic Lumix pocket camera remotely on wobbly fence posts, busy restaurant table tops and sun loungers. Not something I was comfortable with. We posed/acted some distance away, seemingly ignoring its existence and giving possible camera thieves many opportunities to snatch and run.

“Didn’t happen, but I’m sure this recklessness was not covered by our holiday insurance.”