GibbardB                       Barrie GibbardOn 15th March Chairman Barrie Gibbard has stopped all CFMC meetings for the foreseeable future. In his message to members he says

"Hi All,

Well, circumstances are evolving daily and now our esteemed government are preparing for all over 70’s to self isolate for a number of months ‘in the coming weeks’. 
Taking a number of factors into account I have come to the conclusion that it’s a matter of when,  not if, it will be uneconomic and/or unwise to continue holding weekly club meetings. So, considering the risk v benefit of carrying on with club Please be advised that we are cancelling club meetings for the foreseeable future as of immediately. I accept there’s a risk that I might be criticised for acting too soon on this, however, on balance I’d rather that, than be criticised for acting too late!
Along with the weekly meetings I am also going to suggest we cancel now the FirstSite show. The prognosis for the next 3 or 4 months is grim and, being blunt, most folks will have more important matters to think about without bothering with all that’s involved in organising, running and attending that event. unfortunately, we have a already paid for the venue hire and it’s unlikely we will be able to get this refunded although we shall certainly try.
We are thinking about ways in which we might continue in some vein via online or streaming methods and I will keep you posted on this. Any suggestions on ways in which we can do this will be gratefully received.
I’m really sorry to be the bearer of such drastic measures, but I hope you all appreciate this is done with the best interests of all our members and their families in mind. Please do all try to stay in touch with one another and keep an eye out for further news on club matters.
Best wishes and stay safe all



Et tu, Boris?