BG and Dragon Head StudyIt was great to see all those members and their friends who came to Marks Hall this afternoon for our CFMC summer Meet Up. It was going to be a Picnic but because of the uncertainty of the weather many of us took advantage of food in the cafe in the Visitors Centre! After lunch we walked round the grounds and, despite a few drops of rain, it proved to be a great opportunity to catch up with fellow members as well as take in the beautiful Marks Hall Estate.

The first meeting of the new CFMC season will take place at the Hythe Community Centre on Tuesday 11th September from 7.30 for an 8.00 start. We invite you to bring any of your films for which you would like feedback. In addition we will show films from our extensive archive.

If you are a potential new member and are interested in any aspect of film making and would like to become more involved or find out more by working with a group of enthusiastic amateur and semi-professional filmmakers please come along on any Tuesday evening from 7.30 and meet us.

HC17 ThisHolidayFilm maker Henryk Jachimczyk (aka Hen-the-Pen) has won the Holiday competition with an amusing movie entitled, appropriately, “THIS Holiday”.

Second was John Howden with “Zackley Norfolk”, and in third place was John Jones (aka JJ) with “Gente”.

Hen writes: “It was my idea to create a personal film documenting the experiences/adventures of my wife Jo, myself and fellow traveller Sue, rather than a factual documentary of the places we visited on Zakynthos.

“In other travel films the film-maker is noticeably absent from the holiday, hidden behind the lens and recording spectacular landscapes that their lonely partner would walk through. I felt it gave the impression the couple had just had a massive row!

“So the addition of Sue on this holiday meant my wife would have someone by her side. And Sue could take photos with Jo’s stills camera, therefore, I was occasionally in the picture.

“I did set up my Panasonic Lumix pocket camera remotely on wobbly fence posts, busy restaurant table tops and sun loungers. Not something I was comfortable with. We posed/acted some distance away, seemingly ignoring its existence and giving possible camera thieves many opportunities to snatch and run.

“Didn’t happen, but I’m sure this recklessness was not covered by our holiday insurance.”

Just Another Story ShowcaseJust Another Story, a thoroughly researched and beautifully filmed documentary about the life of painter Sir Alfred Munnings has won the CFMC’s Film of the Year competition for film maker John Groslin.

John was presented with the club’s top award, the Film of the Year Boudicca, by Councillor Peter Chillingworth, the Mayor of Colchester, at Firstsite during our End of Season Showcase.

John Howden, who accumulated the most competition points during the 2017-18 season, was presented with the Film Maker of the Year Boudicca

More than 40 members’ films were entered in the six competitions, an increase of 20% on the previous season, underlining the fact that the club has been going from strength to strength. In addition, there were a number of group films made.

John Groslin said: “Having visited the Munnings Art Museum in Dedham on several occasions in the past, I have been impressed by the many treasures it contains. What interested me particularly about Munnings was not so much the paintings of the horses he did for his elite clientele, but the fact that he was such a versatile artist who had experimented with many different styles.

“A great admirer of Constable but also of the French Impressionists, he emulated some of their best work but also found a unique style of his own.

“In 2013, the film Summer in February came out based on Jonathan Smith’s novel. Initially, I was going to mention it in my documentary but, given the lukewarm response it got from the critics, and the fact that it is based on a certain amount of conjecture, I decided to give my own version of the events described in those works.

“The director of the Munnings Art Museum whom I contacted and her staff couldn’t have been more helpful or accommodating. They allowed me full access to all parts of the museum, lent me several books and plied me with information, all of which was invaluable in the making of this film. My research enabled me, I hope, to bring a fresh perspective on this remarkable local artist.”

tram pictureIn response to popular demand, Colchester Film Makers Club has been asked to stage a second public film show in aid of Cllr Gerard Oxford’s Mayor’s Charity Fund.

An appreciative audience saw a programme of short documentaries, themed “Colchester Through the Ages – a filmic trip down memory lane”, at Firstsite recently.

The films, which ranged from Colchester during the Great War to the building of the Southway, were from the club’s large archive, spanning almost 60 years.

The next public screening – featuring an entirely different set of films but with a similar theme – will be held on Monday 16 April at Firstsite, starting at 7pm.

Tickets can be obtained from Evenbrite - the Mayor - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , price £5.

Colchester Film Makers Club meets at the Hythe Community Centre, CO1 2FG, every Tuesday 8pm to 10pm from September to May. The club stages its End of Season Showcase on 22 May when eight Boudicca trophies are awarded to the top film makers. Please see our website for more details: