Members were given the opportunity to film a live performance by local singer-guitarists Adam and Ian when the duo came to the club on 12 November for a video and audio recording session.

A newly purchased black backdrop was set up behind the performers and Steve Allen lit the set with his lights while Robin Garton provided access to a multi-channel input video editing suite, using the input from three tripod mounted cameras.

As well as recording the gig for a later multi-camera edit, Robin’s video mixer allowed members to try a live video mix. John Howden and John Jones with the help of other members set up four microphones connected to the inputs of a multi-channel audio mixer

Data disks of the multi-camera capture clips and the sound track are available for members to experiment with in post-production.

Local film makers were asked to step in at the 11th hour to video Colchester Scout and Guide’s latest Gangshow production, “Around the World in 80-ish Days”.

The show’s producer Jacqui Archard explained: “We like to have the production filmed as a permanent record for everyone taking part but unfortunately this season we were let down at the last minute and it looked likely there would be no video.

“Then someone mentioned Colchester Film Makers Club might be interested and so we approached them with only a week before the curtain went up and, happily for us, they were willing to help.”

Club member and keen golfer Bryan Littlewood is caught on camera - with more than a few eye witnesses on hand - while enjoying a round of golf at Braxted Park golf course, near Witham.

But it was all in good humour as Bryan was performing for the cameras at the start of the club’s summer film project.

The comedy, entitled “Golfing Circles”, was script by Henryk Jachimczyk and directed by Peter Noakes.


EAFC FilmThe Best Film award of the East Anglian Film competition was won by Colchester member David Gibson with his documentary "Joule", the story of the struggle of James Prescott Joule to persuade the entrenched scientific establishment of the time that heat is a form of energy.

The award for the most entertaining programme of the competition went to Lowestoft Cine & Camcorder Club.

The annual event was hosted by Lowestoft and the third competing club was Cromwell Video Camera, which is based in Hemingford Grey in Cambridgeshire.

David (left) is pictured receiving the Best Film trophy from Colchester’s Competitions Officer Mike Saucede.