hand journal notebook 34072Calling all film script writers

The award-winning Colchester Film Makers are looking for a script for their next group project. 

The brief: an original idea for a fiction film no longer than ten minutes. 

Interested script writers should submit a fully worked up First Scene together with a synopsis of the overall story. 

Deadline for submissions is 24 March 2019 and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

JH mug shotCongratulations to CFMC’s award winning film maker John Howden FACI, who has been elected Chairman of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers (IAC), the national body for amateur film makers.

After studying at architectural school, John began his professional career in repertory theatre as a scenic artist and costume designer where he was to meet Sue, an actress, who became his wife. At the same time, he felt a calling to be ordained and underwent training at Salisbury Theological College.

Following his ordination, he went to serve in Gillingham in Kent where he was invited to present one of the first Thoughts for the Day on Radio Medway. This eventually led to him taking a full-time job as a producer on BBC Radio Humberside and later a trainer of radio staff.

After 13 years with the BBC, he returned to the Church as a parish priest working in Essex. He had owned several 8mm, Super 8 and Hi 8 cameras but had never seriously edited footage into recognisable films.

A parishioner invited him to be a judge at Colchester Film Makers Club and John was hooked! He bought his first serious camera, the Sony TRV950, recording on mini DV, and as he said: a whole new world began to open up.

I discovered a group of enthusiasts who were prepared to share their knowledge and love of film. They welcomed me with whatever sound recording expertise I might have had and gave me a kick start into this all-consuming world,” he explained.

Through the Colchester club he discovered the existence of the IAC and its North Thames Region. He served as Colchester’s Chair and Competitions Officer and is currently one of a team of projectionists. He went on to join the North Thames Council and became its chair.

With my background in architecture, theatre, radio and the Church, I am now an enthusiastic film maker first and foremost,” he said.

UndercoverWith writer of the script Neil as Director, Henry as Assistant Director and visitor Vincent as Director of Photography and Lighting, Club members spent a very interesting and productive afternoon and evening last Sunday (10 February 2019) filming shots at the Oak Tree Coffee House in Colchester for one of our latest club films, which has the working title of "Undercover".

We welcomed actors Emily and Dominique, who undertook the two key roles of Nicola and Lance. For some of those present it was the first time that they had witnessed the results of how weeks of planning and careful preparation come together for a complex shoot requiring a significant variety of shots and cutaways. We await with interest to see how the editors pull together the shots into the final film!

The stills and short film show some of the activities undertaken by the crew with other members acting as extras where necessary.

ResolveTalkDaVinci Resolve users John Jones (pictured right) and Andy Stevens teamed up to give fellow members a fascinating practical talk on the merits of the editing software.